Roof Replacements

Do you use Australian products in a residential roof replacement?

The team at Capricorn Roofing are proud suppliers of the well-known manufacturer Colorbond® BlueScope Steel. We strive towards supporting the Australian economy and industry by investing in Australian manufacturers that offer superior products. Matching our high-quality standard with our 10-year warranty, you can rest assured that you’re working with a trusted Colorbond® BlueScope Steel specialist, while also supporting Australia products.

How long does it take to complete residential roof replacements?

When performed by a careful yet efficient roofing supplier, a general roof replacement can take on average 3 – 4 days for a relatively average-sized home. However, this is a simple estimation, and depending on the complexity of the project, a roof replacement project can take longer. If you have any concerns on the timing for your roof replacement, we can provide tailored advice.

Which roof should I choose if I live near the ocean?

We recognise the extreme importance of selecting the proper roof to ensure the longevity of your financial investment. Lucky for you, there is a Colorbond® Steel roofing product range that is most suited for salty air. This is called Colorbond® Steel Ultra and is the best solution for any home located along a coastline.

Unexpected Repairs

What happens if you find that my roof has more extensive damages to what I originally thought?

In instances where the roof is too damaged, and the timber battens are no longer performing their duty, we will advise you on a tailor-made solution to best suit your needs. Our Sunshine Coast roof replacement services will replace your damaged battens and trusses, ensuring it is compliant to Australian standards.

Please see the following advice noted at a recent QBCC Webinar on roofing works.

It has been announced that metal battens should not be re-used, unless there is written advice from the manufacturer allowing the re-use and then only to the manufacturer’s installation requirements.


  • Sarking – where no sarking is provided then foil sarking should be installed when the roof is off to prevent any future claims from condensation damage.
  • Form 16 - The Roofing contractor is to provide a Form 16 for the works undertaken – includes any upgrading works & the roof installation works.
  • JDBA Certifiers will still inspect the re-roofing works and provide advice on any upgrading works where required as the roof is coming off.


Where the roof works have been completed before JDBA receiving the BA documentation, a Form 21 will not be issued until we have inspected the works through a ceiling manhole – if that situation applies then we will require the Owner’s phone number and email address to arrange for the inspection.


How do you manage the changing climate and weather forecasts?

The team at Capricorn Roofing is well aware of the climate in which we operate in, and will let you know in advance if there are any delays due to weather disruptions. We will then work with you and your schedule to find a suitable time to conduct any metal roofing services.

Whilst conducting a roof replacement, will a house get damaged by rain and unexpected weather?

Throughout the planning stage of every roof replacement, our team carefully studies the predicted weather forecast to ensure we’re never caught off guard when on site. Not only are we prepared in advance, our support team is always on hand to ensure we’re aware of unexpected weather events that may occur during a replacement. While rain is still a possibility, our roof replacement teams take extra precautions to ensure your home is never damaged. We remove every roof, piece by piece, allowing our team to reinstall any section of the house quickly, should the weather turn.

Before & After Services

Do you need to conduct a site measurement before a project starts?

Before starting a re-roofing, roof replacement or roof construction project, our team will need to organise a site visit to review and take note of any necessary measurements. This is done at your most convenient time, as we respect any time constraints our clients may have.

Will you ensure my house is left clean when the project is completed?

The Capricorn Roofing team is incredibly diligent when completing every metal roofing project, ensuring our clients are 100% happy and satisfied with our services, even down to our cleanliness. Our customer’s satisfaction is at the core of what we do, so rest assured all rubbish will be disposed of responsibly and safely.




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