Capricorn Roofing FAQs

Capricorn Roofing specialises in re-roofing, re-guttering, down-pipes, leak detection/rectification and new roof construction. Experience and sound knowledge are combined to deliver throughout Australia.

Do you offer workmanship roof warranty?

Yes all our tradesman are qualified roofers which enables us to offer 10 years warranty on workmanship which is 3 years above industry standard.

Are your roof materials Australian Bluescope Steel?

Yes, we can also source a variety of roofing materials to meeting your requirements.

What are the benefits of having insulation in your roof?

Roofing insulation cools your house in summer and warms in winter, it also makes the house quieter in heavy rain.

How long does it take to install a roof?

Depending on the size of the roof we have various crews and resources to meet your requirements and minimise the duration of your new roof installation.

What are the benefits of having a whirlybird installed on your roof?

A whirlybird on your roof will extract hot air from the roof cavity to make your house cooler.

Why would I need a rescrew on my roof?

Roofing screws need replacement if they are rusted and the neoprene washer is compromised it can corrode your metal roof.