Make your home stand out by bringing your existing roof up-to-date with quality roofing. Whether your home is modern or traditional there is a roof profile to compliment your theme.

Re-building | Re-roofing Works

Re-roofing involves many issues to be cared for. Timing is essential with weather, safety, and building codes/regulations all needing to be planned for. Owners/clients, neighbours and the general public are all highly considered by Capricorn Roofing. From colour selections to the final clean up, we will deliver a respectful and quality job.

When it comes to roof replacement Capricorn Roofing have your professional roof solutions. Once you have contacted Capricorn roofing one of our experienced foreman will assist you with any questions you may have in regards to your roofing issues. We can then organise a suitable time to do a site measure and quote to tailor to your needs. For example some roof damage can be repaired or may only need some maintenance upkeep.

However in cases where the timber battens have deteriorated or the roof has begun to rust and there has been too much damage we can offer a full roof replacement and in these cases your roof frame will be checked and any damaged battens will be replaced and trusses will be brought up to Australian standards but installing tie downs where needed.

Living in South East Queensland during summer time can get quite hot so our foreman will always offer you the best insulation products to install while doing your re-roof from foil faced Anticon insulation blanket, ceiling batts and whirly birds to help make your home more comfortable.

Weather is a major factor when it comes to the replacement of your roof and Capricorn Roofing do not take risks with your home. We know that communication is key when it comes to the organisation of your job and we will always keep you up to date with any weather delays.

Safety on site is a major part of re-roofing and we take it very seriously. We will always install tested and approved guard rail systems where possible to insure the safety of our workers. Any live power coming into the property will be tended to according to Australian standards. All of our workers have there working at heights certificate and are trained in using harness gear if guard rail is not an option.

What you can expect for your re-roof:

  • Supply and install of safety guard rail to perimeter of property to comply with SWMS
  • Remove and reinstate any solar systems to roofing area
  • Remove damaged roofing products
  • Check over roof frame, upgrade and install new tie downs to battens and builders strapping to top plate to bring building up to Australian standards
  • Install new 50mm foil faced ant-icon insulation
  • Supply and install new .42 Australian made blue-scope roofing iron including all flashing, capping, valley trays, high quality fixings and sealants
  • Remove and re-instate any t.v antenna and satellite dish
  • Remove all rubbish from site to leave it clean and tidy