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There is nothing worse than a pesky leak in the roof or a mould patch appearing in the centre of your ceiling. The team at Capricorn Roofing Sunshine Coast doesn’t take damaged roofing lightly. Leaving noticeable roof damage for too long can result in unexpected repair costs and, sometimes, dangerous circumstances. 

Capricorn uses reliable and durable Colorbond® roofing to ensure your home is safe from roofing damage. Our roofing Sunshine Coast experts have supplied five noticeable signs that its time for a roof replacement.

Identifying Damaged Roofing | Sunshine Coast

#1 Water Damage

Look for dark spots or stains appearing in the ceiling or walls. Roofing water damage can also occur as a puddle on the flooring or carpet. This is more dangerous due to electrical wiring in the ceiling and walls.

#2 Mould

Mould isn’t always easy to identify until its too late. It usually begins with a stain, smudge or fuzz growing on the roofing. Moulding can be toxic and cause physical health issues for families if not addressed in the early stages of mould growth.

#3 Ageing

If you have recently purchased a new roof and are noticing signs of ageing or rust, there is a possibility the quality or structural design of your roofing isn’t durable. Our roofing Sunshine Coast experts can replace your roof with durable (and stylish!) Colorbond® Steel Roofing.

#4 Cracks or Structural Damage

Sometimes cracks and structural damage isn’t always easy to see. However, if not checked properly, cracked roofing can damage the structural timber holding your roofing together. 

#5 Sagging

Sagging roofing is no joke! Sagging is an obvious sign your roofing is seriously damaged and one of the first signs your roof needs replacing. Look for puddling on the roof’s outer side, but be careful to walk about the sagging area, as the structure beneath is not safe.

We’re the Colorbond Roofing Sunshine Coast Experts!

Colorbond® is the leading steel roofing brand for Australian homes and businesses. Colorbond® steel is tested against heat, cold, dust, rain, wind and hail to ensure it is durable for Australian homes. With different grades and types of steel that suit all homes in all locations, Colorbond® roofing is expected to last 100 years with proper painting, treating and maintenance.

What’s Next For You?

Take the time to go outside and inspect your roof. If you notice any of the above signs, Capricorn Roofing Sunshine Coast can help! For more information about roofing replacements – check out our roof replacement process here.  

For a complete roofing replacement investigation, Get in touch!

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Roofing Sunshine Coast
5 Signs Of Roof Damage | Roofing Sunshine Coast Expert Tips

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