Re-Roofing Versus Roof Restoration. What’s Better?

Re-Roofing Versus Roof Restoration. What’s Better?

The decision between re-roofing and restoring your roof can be a confusing one for any homeowner. Whether you decide to remove old roof tiles and replace with Color bond or you decide to restore your current tiles. In most cases, a new roof is a better option to go for. However, roof repairs can save you a lot of time and money, reducing the cost of labour, material, and disposals, But in most cases it’s not the best option as your tiles are worn and your timber work may need bring up to code.

What Are The Options?

The process of re-roofing includes replacing an existing roof with the new one of your choice, Timber upgrades, tie down certification, posable insulation as an option.

Consider the type of roofing material you have on your roof replaced. The type of material on your current roof is not the only thing that you should consider.

When To Re-roof:

Perhaps you’ve considered the above points and are no closer to making a decision. If so, take a look at the following criteria. If your roof meets more than one of them, then you should consider reroofing your home:

  • Your roofing is in poor condition
  • There are too many layers of roofing
  • Your roof has leaks

Now that you’ve finalised your decision you might be looking for a second opinion or a company to help start the process. Capricorn Roofing has a team of experienced roof contractors who are able to recommend options for you to go through. Get in touch with us, and we’ll schedule a consultation as soon as possible.