Can you claim roofing insurance works for hail damage?

Can you claim roofing insurance works for hail damage? Sunshine Coast

Your Roofing Insurance Questions - Answered!

Have the recent hail storms damaged your roof in the Brisbane and Ipswich area? Your home insurance policy may cover roof replacement costs due to extreme damage from hail storms. Read on to find out how to claim compensation for roofing insurance works.

What damage do roofing insurance plans cover?

While there are many different home insurance providers and policies, most will cover damage that is out of your control, such as hail storms. Many households in the Brisbane and Ipswich area have claimed roofing insurance following the hail storm in October 2020. It is important to contact your insurance provider as soon as possible to find out if your roof is covered. Delaying a claim can make it harder to receive compensation, and increase the risk of further damage to your home.

To find out more on what is typically covered under roofing insurance plans, read our blog on “5 roof replacement jobs covered by your insurer”.

How do I claim roofing insurance?

A roof insurance claim can be confusing and daunting for homeowners who are unfamiliar with the process. Capricorn Roofing is here to help make the process from claim to roof replacement as efficient as possible. Below are our five steps to making a roofing insurance claim:

Step 1: Contact your insurer and make a claim.

Step 2: Request Capricorn Roofing as your preferred roof repairer.

Step 3: Book a time with Capricorn Roofing to complete your insurance assessment.

Step 4: Submit your roof repair report to your insurance company.

Step 5: Book a time with Capricorn Roofing to complete your roof repairs.

How can Capricorn Roofing help with roofing insurance works?

There are often delays in processing roofing insurance claims due to a large number of damaged homes following a storm. Capricorn Roofing can help speed up the process by providing a timely quote and professional roof damage report. This can be sent directly to your insurance company. You may receive a cash payout, otherwise ask the insurance company to use Capricorn Roofing as your preferred repairer. Once this roofing insurance claim is approved, Capricorn Roofing can organise a time to replace your roof. 

Capricorn Roofing is a preferred installer for many insurance companies in the Brisbane region and has completed hundreds of roof replacements following major storm events across Queensland. For a free quote, advice or general enquiry, contact our team today!

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