Why Sunshine Coast Roofers Recommend Colorbond® for Australian Homes

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Built-in Australia and tested to survive our crazy weather conditions, there is a reason why Sunshine coast roofers recommend Colorbond® for your roof replacement! For the last 50 years, Colorbond® has been perfecting its technology to create a perfect balance between looking great and lasting years. Read on to find out why the Capricorn Roofing team recommend Colorbond® for your Sunshine Coast home.


Colorbond® | Sunshine Coast Roofers Fact #1

Tested in Australia

Did you know that Colorbond® steel undergoes extreme outdoor testing? Currently, there are over 12,000 panels on exposure across Australia. The panels are tested in tropical, industrial and marine environments to ensure they can survive all the elements of Australia. To see how the steel will perform on real homes, the testing replicates actual buildings with various pitches and profiles. No other steel building products undergo an assessment this intense! With a life expectancy of up to 70 years, Colorbond® is built to last a lifetime.


Colorbond® | Sunshine Coast Roofers Fact #2

Stay cool this summer

It is a known fact that the colour of your roof can impact the temperature of your home. The standard Colorbond® steel range uses solar reflectance technology on all their colours (except Night Sky®). This technology will keep your home cooler on those summer days by reflecting more of the sun’s heat. Not only does this reduce the heat stress on your roof, but you can depend less on your air-con and lower those cooling bills!


Colorbond® | Sunshine Coast Roofers Fact #3

Recommended for bushfire zones

If you live in a bushfire prone area, Colorbond® steel is the best option as it is compliant for use in bushfire zones. Researchers undertook a 30-minute flame immersion test to replicate a house fire. The results found that coated Colorbond® steel performed best in these conditions. A Colorbond® roof can reduce the risk of embers or burning debris impacting your home and provide extra protection.


Colorbond® | Sunshine Coast Roofers Fact #4

A sustainable option

Did you know that Colorbond® steel is 100% recyclable? This is great for the environment as it can be reused without reprocessing, saving on energy and resources. Colorbond’s long lifespan also reduces resources that would be used on products that aren’t built to survive Australia’s climate and need replacing often. Not only is a Colorbond® roof a great long term investment, but it is a sustainable option for your roof!


Sunshine Coast roofers recommend a Colorbond® roof replacement as it is truly built to survive our harsh weather conditions. The friendly team at Capricorn Roofing have years of experience in high-quality Colorbond® roof replacements, so you can rest assured you are working with a qualified and reliable team of roofing experts. 


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