Protect Your Home: 5 Tips To Get Your Roof Ready For Sunshine Coast Summer Storms

All roofing companies on the Sunshine Coast recommend seasonal roofing preparations.

Roofing Companies Sunshine Coast

Summer is quickly approaching, which means storm season is on the way! Here are our top tips to make sure your home will stay safe through the upcoming storms.

What damage can the weather do to your roof?

The extreme weather over summer on the Sunshine Coast can be detrimental to the lifespan of your roof and cause severe damage. Hail storms can cause dents or cracks in your roof and strong winds during storms can lift metal sheets or blow away tiles. During heavy rain, the water can accumulate in these damaged areas, resulting in leaks, mould and water damage to your home.


The extreme heat can also cause tiled roofs to shrink or crack; this is a pain to fix and can result in higher indoor temperatures, which you do not want in a Queensland summer! Capricorn Roofing recommends replacing tiled roofs with a durable Colorbond steel alternative before summer.

How can I protect my home?

Every homeowner should prepare their home for summer storms to avoid weather damage and future repair costs. 

Here are our top tips for DIY roof maintenance:

  1. Clean gutters to ensure there are no blockages so heavy rains can flow freely. 
  2. Remove or trim back any overhanging tree branches that could cause damage to your house or powerlines.
  3. Keep your windows and doors closed during a storm to avoid the air pressure pushing on your roof.
  4. Inspect your roof for any leaks, cracks, rust or damage
  5. Check if your house and contents insurance is up to date and covers you for any damage.

How can Capricorn Roofing help?

With summer and the storm season fast approaching, it’s essential if you need your roof replaced to act now. Capricorn Roofing can offer solutions for damaged roofs to avoid problems over summer. Depending on the condition of your roof, you may need to consider a full replacement. 

Capricorn Roofing uses high-quality Colorbond that withstands the Australian weather. With a combined experience of over 80 years, you will have peace of mind that your roof is built to last and up to industry standards. 

Capricorn’s reliable team will efficiently complete the project for competitive prices; you will feel at ease during the upcoming summer storms. Contact us today to receive your free quote to replace your roof and protect your home!

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