When Rust takes over your Roof, We’re Here To Help

When Rust takes over your Roof, We’re Here To Help

One thing most homeowners take for granted is the state of their roof screws. When you live near coastal areas or places prone to seasonal rain, the presence of salt in the air, as well as rainwater, affect the condition of your roof and over time causes your screw to erode, resulting in rust. At Capricorn Roofing, we’re experts in all things roof related and aim to provide excellent roof restoration services you need.

Don’t Let Rust get the better of your roof

If you live on the Sunshine Coast or in Buddina, and Caloundra, you are very close to the ocean. The sea air can eat through the coating on your roofing screws, causing degradation in their performance. Ultimately, this will have an even greater impact on the condition of the roof sheeting.

Having been in the roofing industry for over 30 years, we’re experts in re-roofing, repairs and roof re-screwing. We will assist you on all your roofing needs and on top of that our expert roofers and roof plumbers will identify the causes of any other damage present so that they can fixing it at affordable rates.

Getting Your Home Ready For Inspections

When you’re considering selling your home, an inspection will be conducted to determine the state and worth of your home. Capricorn Roofing aims to ensure that your home is in the best condition possible so that if you want to sell your home, the value of your property doesn’t decrease.

We take the needs and situations of our clients into account by providing them with affordable services using some of the best materials available on the market today. This way, they’re guaranteed long-lasting results on all their roofing screws, roof repairs and re-roofing services across Sunshine Coast, Buddina, and Caloundra. Get in touch with Capricorn Roofing to request a quote today.

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